Feb 26, 2014

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50 Kick-Ass Female Travel Blogs to Follow in 2014

You want to travel, but don’t know where to start. You want to start reading blogs for inspiration, but are overwhelmed by the options. New travel blogs are being started everyday; how on earth can you keep up?!

You can’t. So I’m here to help. Since I’m constantly being impressed by my peers (and am online, um, a lot), I thought I’d make it easy for you and share the 50 female travel blogs that inspire me the most.

Best Female Travel Blogs 2014

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Some notes about the list:

  • There are a lot of amazing travel blogs out there. I focused on solo females leading lives of adventure (often on a budget!), because I figured that’s who you’d identify with best.
  • Also, I chose blogs that have personal stories of growth and inspiration (and not just “5 things to do in”), because I like to pretend these ladies are my friends!
  • They’re organized alphabetically under seven categories. Not to pigeonhole any of the blogs — most of them could surely fall under many — but hopefully they’ll help you narrow down which ones you want to follow.
  • If you’re looking for a way to follow multiple blogs, I recommend Feedly, which is a free RSS feed manager.
  • Or, follow this Twitter list that Brigid of Becoming the B Boss was kind enough to create!

Some of these blogs are hugely popular, while others are still growing. I hope you’ll find a few you haven’t read before, and that they’ll inspire you to travel in 2014. I know each and every one of them inspires me!

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Top 50 Female

Travel Blogs for 2014



A Dangerous Business

I love Amanda Williams’ blog because she always tells it like it is. She’s not worried about what others think; she shares honest feelings on balancing real life and travel.

Post you’ll love: Long Term Travel? It’s Not For Me

Adventurous Kate

Kate McCulley is pretty much THE solo female traveler. She writes tons of real and funny posts that encourage ladies everywhere to travel. I was lucky enough to meet her at TBDItaly earlier this year!

Post you’ll love: Dear Ladies: This Can Be Your Life, Too.

Anywhere But Home

Naomi Alyssa was one of my roomies at TBEX Dublin, and though I was sick, I could tell she knew how to have fun. She’s a great writer and shares fantastic adventures over on her blog.

Post you’ll love: Hands in the dirt: 2 weeks at a permaculture course in Thailand

Fleeting Life

Traveler, dancer, writer, goofball? Christina Gmyr is a girl after my own heart. Her blog has a little bit of everything, which is why I like it.

Post you’ll love: 10 terrifying (yet amazing) ways to make the most of your 20′s

Helen in Wonderlust

There aren’t enough people writing about Africa, but no matter, because we’ve got Helen Davies! She writes about everything from volunteering to gorilla trekking.

Post you’ll love: Is it Safe to Travel to Africa as a Solo Woman?

Monkeys & Mountains

Laurel Robbins is a kindred spirit: a lover of animals and the outdoors. Her blog has a unique layout you’re sure to enjoy.

Post you’ll love: Meeting Mountain Gorillas: My Most EPIC Experience Ever!

That Backpacker

Beautiful site design? Check. Lovely photos + writing? Check. Blogger that seems like someone I want to know? Check. I haven’t been following Audrey Bergner for long, but I already like what I see!

Post you’ll love: How to Save $17,000 Teaching in Korea For 1 Year

The Young Adventuress

I was tempted to put Liz Carlson under “Photography” because her Instagram photos are so bomb, but I decided to go with adventure instead — because she has so many of them! In the following post, she defines what “adventure travel” means to her.

Post you’ll love: 5 Myths about Adventure Travel

Twenty-Something Travel

Though Stephanie Yoder’s blog may be about adventure, my favorite posts are her reflections on dreams, goals, and female travel.

Post you’ll love: Female Solo Travel is NOT the Problem



Candice Does the World

Candice Walsh is hysterical, so I’ll let her say it herself: “My life is a tangled mess of unfortunate coincidences, bizarre experiences, and shady characters. You will find no grandiose exclamations of life lessons here, nor any ‘Top 5 beaches to get in touch with your inner yogi’ shit.”

Post you’ll love: How I learned to love Anne of Green Gables

Suzy Guese

Suzy Guese has a fun, honest way of talking about travel (writing with a red-headed temperament?) that makes her seem like a real person. Clearly, she’s also wise: “Even for long trips, don’t ever bring more bags than you have hands.”

Post you’ll love: Packing Errors: Mistake That Nearly Cost Me a Few Arms

The Everywhereist

This was one of the first travel blogs I started reading, and it still reigns as one of my faves. It’s not your standard “travel advice” blog — it’s more just Geraldine DeRuiter being freaking hilarious and eating cupcakes. (Plus adorbs photos with her hubby.)

Post you’ll love: WTF Weds: Harem Pants

Travel Yourself

This is the only video blog on the list, because I don’t generally have a lot of patience for videos. But Cailin O’Neil’s videos are short, informative, and funny as hell. Also, SLOTHS.

Post you’ll love: Facts About Sloths! Cute, Adorable, and Fascinating!

yes and yes

It was incredibly difficult to put Sarah Von Bargen’s blog into a category, because it belongs in all of them! (Which is kind of why she started the blog.) I went with funny, because I totally jive with her personality. She shares travel tips, fun jobs, and general awesomeness.

Post you’ll love: How Do I Become a Grown-Up?



Legal Nomads

It was tough to decide if Jodi Ettenberg’s blog should go under photography or storytelling — because she does both so impeccably. An ex-laywer turned foodie/travel blogger, her food photos are particularly wonderful.

Post you’ll love: Condiments from Around the World (And Why They Matter)

Runaway Juno

Juno has a positive energy I love — and her photos are just beautiful. She offers a great mix of content: inspirational, visual, and helpful.

Post you’ll love: Things You Didn’t Know About Dog Mushing

The Great Affair

Since she was recently featured as a seasonal worker of the month, you may already know Candace Rardon and my awe of her talent for writing, photography, and painting/drawing. I don’t have much more to say other than: read her blog!

Post you’ll love: In praise of small moments: A love affair with India in pictures



Bacon is Magic

Food, food, food! If you like to eat it, you’ll love Ayngelina Brogan’s blog. I’ve gotten to hang out with her in person, and she’s as inspiring and real as she is in her blog.

Post you’ll love: What to Eat in Mazatlan

Further Bound

Hannah Loaring has a way with words that makes everything sound like poetry. You’ll love her thoughtful essays on life, love, and travel.

Post you’ll love: Reflecting on six months of travel

La Viajera

I met Ellen Keith at TBEX in Dublin, and it’s clear she’s a very smart and motivated woman. The posts on her blog are larger reflections on life and travel — and I love that!

Post you’ll love: Why My Future Boyfriend Will Be Grateful For Sexy Colombian Women

Nomadic Chick

In June 2010, Jeannie Mark bought a one-way ticket to India and never looked back. Her site, which is looking hot after its fresh redesign, provides healthy doses of inspiration.

Post you’ll love: On Aging, Sex, and Travel

So Many Places

No matter what Kim Dinan is writing about, she manages to make it SO inspiring. If you need motivation to change your life or start traveling, don’t look any further than her blog.

Post you’ll love: On Getting Started

The Fearful Adventurer

As evidenced by her super-successful memoir, “Love with a Chance of Drowning,” Torre DeRoche is a true writer. Her stories pull you in, so fair warning: you could spend hours getting lost on her blog!

Post you’ll love: Surviving a Train Crash in Thailand



Alyssa Writes

An accomplished freelance writer, my friend Alyssa James shares useful info about expat life in London (and travels in Europe) on her blog.

Post you’ll love: Making the Most of Your Iceland Stopover

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis writes about off-the-beaten path adventures in Asia. I just feel like we’d be friends. Maybe because she seems like a fun girl — or maybe because she has an entire post with photos of elephants.

Post you’ll love: How to Look Sexy When Traveling: 7 Easy Tips

Hopscotch The Globe

Kristen Sarah has a massively popular YouTube channel with a series called “So You Want to Travel the World.” She tells funny stories and offer lots of awesome how-tos.

Post you’ll love: How to Pack JUST a Carry On for a RTW Trip

Indiana Jo

Lawyer-turned-RTW travel blogger, I met Jo Fitzsimmons in Italy. She’s got a great sense of humor and writes about some interesting destinations.

Post you’ll love: A Day Exploring the Sights of the Gambia

Jessie on a Journey

A pretty epic freelance travel writer, Jessie Festa has an awesome blog, too. She’s got lots of tips and tricks to share, as well as destination guides.

Post you’ll love: 10 Reasons to Date a Backpacker

Just One Way Ticket

Sabrina Iovino tells wonderful travel stories and takes beautiful photos, but her best posts are where she shares insider tips and tricks for long-term travel.

Post you’ll love: I Want to Travel for the Rest of My Life – 15 Travel Bloggers Tell How to Do It

Nomad Wallet

As we all know, I am a cheapskate budget-minded. Deia’s entire blog is devoted to answering the question “How do regular people afford to travel?” LOVE it!

Post you’ll love: 15 Easy Five-Minute Fixes to Save Thousands of Dollars This Year

Runaway Brit

Having lived and traveled to most corners of the world, Elaine shares stories of her awesome experiences, along with straightforward tips so you can do the same.

Post you’ll love: I Had LASIK Surgery in Vietnam

The Blonde Abroad

Though we have a shared love of travel, Kiersten Rich is quite different than me — and maybe that’s why I like her. She offers advice on things I know nothing about, like, um, beauty and fashion.

Post you’ll love: Travel Beauty Hacks for Every Budget

The Travel Hack

Monica Stott is in search of “stylish, adventurous getaways that won’t break the bank.” She often writes about travel blogging, so be sure to follow her if you’re thinking about starting a blog!

Post you’ll love: 10 Tips for Newbie Travel Bloggers

The Travel Tester

I met Nienke Krook at TBDItaly and loved her laid-back personality. Her blog is a great reflection of that, and she offers lots of destination-specific tips and photos — plus advice for aspiring travel bloggers. If nothing else, be sure to follow her on Pinterest!

Post you’ll love: Photography Tips For Beginners – Exposure: Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed

This Battered Suitcase

My girl Brenna Holeman’s got it all: great stories, photos, and tips. I love the fact that she’ll write about things no one else is brave enough to.

Post you’ll love: Travel and Sex: How To Manage Your Sex Life While Travelling

Where Is Jenny

Jenny Leonard is one strong woman, and it shows through her writing. She offers travel tips, yes, but also talks about fear, love, and happiness. (Oh, and she’s starting a community for freelance designers.)

Post you’ll love: 27 Ways to Kick Fear’s Ass



A Little Adrift

Named one of National Geographic’s Travelers of the Year (!!!), Shannon O’Donnell has a down-to-earth way of writing that makes you feel as though you’re right where she is. I really wanted to put her under the storytelling category, too! She’s here because she’s super dedicated to volunteering + ethical travel, and has even created a website that lists grassroots volunteering opportunities.

Post you’ll love: Oh, For the Love of Roosters

Around the World “L”! 

As a teacher, Lillie Marshall’s focus is on education and volunteering abroad. Her articles are chock full of information and photos.

Post you’ll love: Why International Volunteering is a Glorious Way to Travel

D Travels Round

One word: elephants. Diana Edelman’s been volunteering with them in Thailand for a while, and I am obsessed. Not only that, but she’s an important voice for responsible elephant tourism. Be sure to read her stuff before visiting Southeast Asia.

Post you’ll love: Speaking for the Elephants … in memory of Mae Sai Roong

Flora the Explorer

I love Flora Baker’s honest treatises on solo travel, but what you really need to read are her thoughts about volunteering abroad.

Post you’ll love: Volunteering with Children Abroad: the Issues You Should Know



Alex in Wanderland

Alex Baackes is also from CNY, so there’s that. Then there’s the fact that she takes amazing photographs and has just started a new series called “Earning Abroad” that you’ll devour.

Post you’ll love: Earning Abroad: Crewing a Liveaboard in the Caribbean

As the Bird Flies

Bird writes great stories and takes lovely photos, but I think you’ll like her advice on freelancing and working location-independently the most.

Post you’ll love: Life as a Digital Nomad: My Truths and Advice

Ashley Abroad

I first met Ashley Fleckenstein a few years ago in Ann Arbor, and we immediately connected over our love of food and travel. Though she’s on a RTW trip now, you’ll enjoy her posts about working as an au pair in Paris.

Post you’ll love: How to Become an Au Pair

Caroline in the City

Caroline Eubanks is always introducing me to new travel gear and writing gigs through her blog. If you’re a writer and aren’t signed up for her newsletter, you’re missing out. She also has an amazing page about working holidays.

Post you’ll love: Working Holiday Resources

Grrrl Traveler

First off, Christine Kaaloa is a hapa (part-Asian). Power to us! Secondly, she’s taught in Korea and offers up a TON of helpful info on her blog.

Post you’ll love: So You Really Wanna Teach English in Korea?

Lateral Movements

I’m not sure why I haven’t asked Lauren Fitzpatrick to appear as a Seasonal Worker of the Month — she’s had more than 30 jobs in 6 countries! (Maybe she’ll agree to appear soon…) Check out her blog for tips on working all over the world.

Post you’ll love: The Making of a Lifelong Working Holiday

Pack Your Passport

Beverley Reinemann is a great writer, and her detailed accounts of working abroad in New Zealand and Australia are sure to inform and inspire you.

Post you’ll love: How to Survive Fruit Picking in Australia

The Professional Hobo

With a background in financial planning, Nora Dunn’s the perfect person to give advice about “traveling full-time in a financially stable way.” She’s got tons of financial travel tips and ideas for making money while traveling — as well as fascinating “week in the life” profiles of other travelers.

Post you’ll love: My Cost of Full-Time Travel in 2012

unbrave girl

Sally Thelen has had a lot of unique jobs — from cat-sitting to weeding rice paddies — and she covers it all in her unique and entertaining voice.

Post you’ll love: All I Really Need to Know I Learned on a Rice Farm

There you have it: 50 kick-ass female travel blogs to follow in 2014.

Which one is your favorite? Which ones would you add?

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    Running a marathon can often pull out a full layer of emotions. It really is a journey. Making it to the starting line is a huge feat in itself. Can you tell I’ve coached over 500 marathon runners over the years?

    If you want help planning out your training for the next one, yes, you will be doing another one as outlandish as it sounds today, reach out to me! I’d love to help.

    And on the front of 50 Kick Ass Female Travel Blogs, you just gave me far too much homework! I had other work to do. : ) I want to read and connect with them all. I want my site to be a huge help like yours and theirs are.

    A shout out to each of these authors and the great work they are doing. I look forward to sharing with each other.

    Big Congratulatory Hug to you, Susan!

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    • JEFF! Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a supportive comment. I’m glad you’ve found some inspirational ladies here to follow. They rock (just like you!).

      I had no idea you’d coached so many marathoners. It was definitely a journey — quite similar to a big trip, I thought. The good: pre + miles 1-15. I was loving life and so excited! The bad: miles 16-17. I’d lost the magical glow and was just tired. The ugly: miles 21 + 22. It had started pouring rain, and I was exhausted. After that, though, I realized how close I was and had a great time. Accomplished my goal of not walking and not crying! Haha.

      I’m in Ventura for the next month. We should catch up soon!

  39. Hi Susan! Thanks for this post – it can be hard to find a list of really good travel sites. I was glad to see some of my favorites listed here – The Everwhereist always brightens my mood.

    Since you seem to enjoy tales of the slightly off-the-wall traveler, I think you might like my site Year of the Durian. For the last two years I’ve been traveling in Southeast Asia with my husband using the durian fruit as an excuse to get waaay out into some pretty random places that most tourists don’t get to see. We hang out with farmers and get an inside peek at culture, political and social movements, and environmental causes related to fruit farming (gardeners in most places think squirrels are annoying. Try elephants). I’d love it if you dropped by sometime and said hello 🙂 Thanks again for a great post!
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    • Hey Lindsay! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I just checked out your blog — what a fun concept! Though I have to be honest; I am not a fan of the durian. But those fudge balls do look interesting! xo

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    I have added all the blogs above to a Twitter list to make it easier to follow everyone – you can subscribe to it here: https://twitter.com/The_B_Boss/lists/female-travel-bloggers

    Thanks again
    Brigid xxx

    • Hi Brigid! Thanks so much for creating a list — that’s amazing! I’ve followed it and will add it to the post so others can follow it, too.

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    Safe travels wherever your life takes you!
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    Femke xx
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    • Amazing! Thanks for sharing your blog and for following along, Femke! I look forward to hearing more from you. xx

  50. Thanks for putting together such an awesome list! Some of the fierce women on here I already followed, and some I hadn’t come across yet so I’m so happy I read this! My graphic designer and friend Hannah Loaring (Further Bound) is on here! Woooo!! She’s amazing! She just finished designing my new site! Keep being awesome ladies! 🙂
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    • You’re welcome, Aditi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree: Hannah rocks! And your new site is gorgeous!

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    • Thanks, Michelle. Glad you enjoyed the list, and hope you found lots of inspiration! Keep in touch!

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    • Hi Samantha — yes, I think I will update it next year. I will definitely check your blog out. Thanks for stopping by!

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  67. Fantastic list! We like all of these ladies, but Caroline in the City gets a special mention for her monthly Travel Writing Market Roundup – a great resource for freelance travel writers looking to get published: http://www.carolineinthecityblog.com/2014/08/08/travel-writing-round-august-2014/
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    You missed this gal….well written and some stunning photos.

  77. I would add Travels with Tam…A Midlife Adventure! Travel, travel volunteerism, scuba diving, photography, midlife adventures.. Check it out! My most recent volunteer travel trip was diving with Mantas in Ecuador! http://travelswithtam.com/ecuador-volunteer-tourism/
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    Mariellen Ward recently posted..Stumbling on the road to my dreamsMy Profile

    • Thanks for the great comment, Mariellen! I’ve used the #wegosolo tag before and am happy to hear it is still a good source of info. Which Indian bloggers do you recommend? I am planning on releasing a new list next month and would love to feature some of them!

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    Also I just read Mariellen’s comment from a week ago, I’m a female travel blogger from India! Hello hello!

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    I hope you could consider my blog and add an Asian woman to your list: http://iAmAileen.com

    At 21, I quit my job to travel the world and today, I am a digital nomad and entrepreneur traveling through countries 😀 Thank you Susan!
    Aileen recently posted..Day Trip to Southwestern Netherlands: Veere, ZeelandMy Profile

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