Travel Link Roundup – 3/7/14

Happy March, everybody! In case you haven’t heard, I am a week into being a “marathoner.” How’s it feel? Well, I’ve been carb-loading since a week before the race — and have no signs of stopping — so there’s that. I’m mostly just happy and proud I finished, since it’s been on my life list for […]


Travel Link Roundup – 2/28/14

Yeehaw! Here are your weekend reads: ———– So important for travelers and seasonal workers alike: how to feel at home wherever you are. ———– And, really, no less important: how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. ———– YOGA. 10 things you should know about it + how it’s changing the lives of people in […]


Why I Hate Skiing in Japan

I’m flying — no, floating — through clouds of powder. White sprays surround me. All I can see are trees, sagging heavy from weeks worth of fresh snow. And it’s quiet, so quiet. No sounds other than my own delighted giggles as I turn my skis in snow up to my knees. I wonder to […]