A Life Well-Lived: Inspiration From My Grandpa

If you receive my email newsletter, you know I was working through something a few months ago. Something I wasn’t ready to reveal on the blog. It’s now been over two months since my grandfather passed away, and I’m ready to share his story with you.  I started writing it on the plane when he first got […]


The Simple Thing I’d Like for My Birthday

Travel can be many things: delightful, educational, exhausting, eye-opening, exciting, and sometimes downright miserable. But even on the most disastrous of trips, something positive comes out of it. And that something is gratitude. I’m turning 28 on Sunday — and I’ve never been more filled with gratitude in my entire life. A lot of that is […]


I’m on Blogcation!

I’m in Dublin, Ireland for the first time — and LOVING it. I’m here to attend TBEX, a travel blogging conference at which I’ve already learned a ton and met a bunch of great people. I’ve seen the wonderful dance performance Heartbeat of Home, gone on a historical walking tour, taken a tour of The […]


Let’s Finish 2013 With a Bang!

Sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards. I finally feel like I’m moving forwards, and I don’t think I’ll look back. Because of that, this next month is going to be busyyyyy! To give you an idea, here’s my next 30 days in airport codes: SYR-ORD-LHR-DUB-LIS-BCN-BLQ-BCN-TXL-DUS-LAX. (I’m writing to you while on the little […]


Going Backwards to Go Forwards

Exactly one year and one week ago, I published a post that thrilled me to write: “Why I’m SO Excited… And Pretty F-ing Terrified.” Why was I excited and terrified? Because, for the first time in 12 years, I didn’t have another job lined up after leaving Alaska. It had been just about a month […]


27 Things I’ve Learned in 27 Years

I turn 27 on Saturday. Alright, I’ve said it. Now you’ll all know what’s going on when I start having my 29th birthday every year starting in 2015. Besides for the fact that I always thought this would be my hottest year (it always seemed so far away!), I feel like this is also going […]


Walking the Line as a Woman in Istanbul

Shopkeeper in Istanbul, Turkey

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, baby?” “Come take a ride with me. It’ll be fun!” “How much, beautiful?” Walking down the streets of Istanbul, I’d never felt more verbally harassed in my entire life. I was spending my holidays in Turkey with my college roomie. We’d arrived there after island hopping on the […]