Are You An Article Whore?

Yesterday, my roomie, Stew, kind of called me out (in a good way — a way that got me thinking). I began to tell her about something, starting with my apparently frequent introduction of, “I read this article that…” She interrupted me with, “Are all your thoughts based on articles? How do you read so […]


Why I’m SO Excited… And Pretty F-ing Terrified

Jumping on the beach in Costa Rica

As the season winds to a close here in Southeast Alaska, I am more and more often getting that question that is perpetually posed to the seasonal worker. “What are you doing next?” I’m about three weeks away from the end of my work at the sea kayaking company. At this point in seasons prior, […]


I Love America. So What?

When did loving America stop being cool? One of my most frustrating moments traveling abroad is when I find myself at a hostel, sitting with a few Americans and people of other nationalities. Somehow, the conversation always turns to America. One person will start bashing our foreign policy, our obsession with Wal-Mart, or our disdain […]


I Moved To Alaska!

And it feels great. I am up in Southeast Alaska, in a little town called Ketchikan. I lived here during the summer of 2010 and really missed it. I am SO happy to be back. What will I be doing here? Well, mostly working at a sea kayaking company. And, of course, blogging about my […]


Is Egypt Safe For Women Travelers?

When I told people I was traveling to Egypt, their first reaction was often surprise. When they found out I was traveling alone, their reaction turned to worry. A 5’1” girl traveling alone? In Egypt? I don’t often travel alone, and as my dad put it, Egypt was not a good place to break them […]


What I Will (And Won’t) Miss About South Korea

I’ve just left South Korea after over a year there, which is the longest time I’ve ever spent abroad. It was an experience full of adjectives – exhilarating, confusing, educational, frustrating, amazing – and never boring. I’ve been thinking a lot about the bittersweetness of my departure, and of all the things I will and […]


Why I’m Stoked For 2012

Happy New Year! 2011 was fabulous. I moved to a country on the other side of the world that I knew absolutely nothing about. I ran a half-marathon. I started writing for the newspaper. I traveled to Mongolia. I fell in love with approximately 700 small Korean children. I decided for once and all that […]


In 2012, I Will…

A blue zen garden with rock in Vancouver

Focus less on the details. Be present. I am awful at remembering resolutions, so I usually only give myself one. But, these are closely related, so I’m letting it slide. On the one hand, being detail-oriented is extremely helpful. On the other hand, it makes me slightly OCD. I need to remember that, in the […]