Mar 5, 2012

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PHOTO: Man, Son, Boat – Malapascua, Philippines

Filipino dad building boat with son

Check out that smile.

Right now, I’m visiting family in San Francisco, California. It’s my first time in the States in over a year and my first time seeing my extended family in much longer than that. It’s been wonderful to see all of them, so for this week’s photo, I wanted to share another family’s portrait.

This one’s of a man, his son, and his boat. I passed them every day in the Philippines, and they would always offer a friendly smile and a wave.

I LOVE the father’s smile in this photo – it shows so much love for his son. 

This photo is part of my Meatless Monday series, in which I feature a new photo each week. Because who likes to read on Mondays? 

  1. All of my memories of people in the Philippines are of huge, friendly smiles. Great photo.

  2. Great photo. It really conveys a sense of place and I love the look on the little boy’s face!

    • Thanks, Jenny! I agree.. they are the cutest. I have a friend still in Malapascua who knows these guys, and I am going to mail him the photo to give to them. Great family portrait!

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