When you think of Philadelphia, PA, you probably think of old stuff. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, the Declaration of Independence, and all that.

You may not think of distinct (and walkable!) neighborhoods full of modern boutiques, outdoor art spaces, and ethnic markets. But you should.

During my month-long road trip earlier this fall, one of my favorite stops was Philly. Not only because I visited my friend Brandy (whom I hadn’t seen in FIVE years), but because it was the only place that really surprised me. Though I’d been to Philly many years before, I discovered a new and unique side to the city while on Brandy’s fabulous walking tour.

I hope these photos will give you a feel for Philadelphia’s funky neighborhoods!

South Street, Philadelphia, PA.
South Street.
girl at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
Brandy enjoying the view at the beautiful Magic Gardens.
Bike wheel at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
Such a cool outdoor art museum.
Girl hugging Philadelphia's Magic Gardens.
I LOVE Magic Gardens.
Man on street in Philadelphia, PA.
How cool would it be to have this out your front door?
Door in Philadelphia, PA.
Philly = art city.
Wall mural in Philadelphia, PA.
HUGE murals were everywhere.
Bar window in Philadelphia, PA.
Why not?
Old street in Philadelphia, PA.
Really old street.
Declaration of Independence text in Philadelphia, PA.
The pursuit of Happiness.
Downtown Philadelphia, PA.
Downtown Philly.
Philadelphia Cheesesteak sign
In Philly, they just call them cheesesteaks.
Mural in the old city, Philadelphia, PA.
Mural in the Old City.
Di Angelo Brothers meat market in Philadelphia, PA.
300 varieties of sausage?! 300?
Italian Market food stands in Philadelphia, PA.
Open-air markets in the Italian Market neighborhood.
John's Grocery Delivery in Philadelphia, PA.
Grocery delivery service in the Italian Market neighborhood.
Di Bruno Brothers in Philadelphia, PA.
At the gourmet food store Di Bruno Brothers. I’d like to do Supermarket Sweep in here.
Cheese at Di Bruno Brothers in Philadelphia, PA.
Cheese. Yup.
Michael at Di Bruno Brothers in Philadelphia, PA.
Our new friend, Michael. Go to him if you want to buy lots of delicious food.

Have you been to Philadelphia? What did you think? 

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