South America

Hot Dogs Roasting On An Open Volcano

“Pretty lady, you want marshmallows for volcano?” “Amiga, please, compra marshmallows!” Marshmallows? Why are the ninos trying to sell us marshmallows for hiking up a volcano? I’m confused. But then again, I’m traveling in a foreign country, so that’s nothing new. I think I’ll buy a 25 cent walking stick instead. We were, after all, […]


A Jumpy Pic On Every Continent

Jumping over the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

That’s my mission. I learned the great art of jumpy pictures from one of my best friends, Elisabeth, and have since used it to spice up my travel photos (and life in general). I hope you’ll follow and support me on my mission to take a perfect jumpy pic on every continent. So far, I […]