Nice to meet you! I’m Susan, a writer, traveler, eater, and diehard Michigan wolverine. 

You may also know me as Travel Junkette, but this site has grown beyond that.

How I Got Here

One really bad interview my senior year with a bunch of pale dudes in suits made me realize I didn’t want to go into public relations, advertising, or “consulting” — whatever that means.

I wanted a life of adventure.

I came home, told my roommate I was moving to Colorado, and never looked back.

I spent the next six years working a variety of seasonal jobs: I scooped ice cream, taught English, rented out skis, and even art modeled.

My jobs took me around the world — from Southeast Alaska to South Korea.

Girl standing on colorful Colorado sign

I paraglided in Colombia, traveled solo in Egypt, went diving with thresher sharks in the Philippines, and learned how to kiss in Mongolia.

And I wrote about it all on this blog.

Eventually, I started writing for other outlets, and for a few years, I ran my own freelance writing and content marketing biz.

Then, opportunity came knocking, and I became the senior writer at The Penny Hoarder, the fastest-growing media company in the U.S.

Although the decision surprised even me, I enjoyed it.

Jumpy pic in Jeju, South Korea

But, I couldn’t shake the wanderlust out of me — and am back on the road as a digital nomad. Eating, traveling, writing, taking jumpy pix. 

So whether you’re seeking a freelance content marketing writer or advice about your upcoming adventure, welcome!

If it’s your first time, you can start here

Can’t wait to get to know you!