Hi! I’m Susan, a full-time freelance journalist.

I’ve been bouncing around the globe since 2008, when one bad interview with a bunch of dudes in suits convinced me to pack up my Camry and move to Colorado.

I spent the next six years working a variety of seasonal jobs: I scooped ice cream, rented out skis, and managed bookings at a sea kayaking company. I moved a million times, everywhere from Southeast Alaska to South Korea (read: more than anyone should), and got to see a pretty decent slice of the world.

Along the way, I started writing about, well, everything — and then made it my life’s work. In 2022, I’ll be joining the New York Times as its Headway Fellow. Click here to see my portfolio, then sign up for my newsletter to get a monthly update of what I’m writing and what I’m obsessing over.

Susan Shain headshot