Today’s my last day of volunteering here in Granada (you can bet your buns there’ll be tears), and on Saturday, I set off almost two months on the road.

Though I’m muy triste to be leaving the little crazies that have given me more than my daily quota of hugs for the last three months, the next six are going to be pretty fun, too.

Since I’ll be traveling and won’t be as active here or on social media, I figured you might want to know where I’ll be. I’ll still be posting — I just probably won’t be responding to stuff as quickly, and I’ll be skipping the travel link roundups most weeks.

That’s cuz I’ll be living it up in…

Costa Rica

I’ll be staying in San Jose for a few days with some great Tica friends that I met while working in Colorado. I haven’t seen them in a few years and am SO stoked to reunite.

My Tica hermanas and me
Pura Vida.

Then, I’m headed to the beaches of Nosara to laze around, drink piña coladas, and go dance at a wedding where I don’t know anyone. I spent almost two weeks here a few years ago, and though it’s a bit gringo-fied, it’s got gorgeous beach and will be a perfect place to relax.

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

This is my favorite place in Nicaragua. It’s an island formed by two volcanoes rising out of a lake and is about as kick-ass as it sounds. I’ll be attempting to climb the taller of the two volcanoes. Wish me luck! (While climbing the smaller one, I dislocated my finger — so I’m going to need it!)

Concepcion Volcano, Ometepe, Nicaragua
Volcan Concepción, here I come!

Bay Islands, Honduras

I’ll make a brief return to Granada (and spend one last day with the niños), then my friend Maggie and I are headed to Honduras. I’ve only passed through here on previous trips and am excited to get to know it better.

After what should be a hilarious stop-over in Tegucialpa (which Maggie and I lovingly refer to as “Taygoose”), it’s time for the Bay Islands, baby!

Maggie will be getting her PADI open-water certification, and I’ll be enjoying some fun dives, while trying not to puke in my regulator.

And, in what seems to be a reoccurring trend, mas piña coladas.

Maggie <3

El Salvador

This spot should really just be left blank. All I know is that I’ll be taking a bus from San Pedro Sula to San Salvador and hoping I don’t die. I just couldn’t spend three months abroad without seeing a new country. El Salvador’s the only one I have left in Central America, so it was an obvious choice.

I hear there’s good beaches and good coffee, so I’m not sure I need to know much else. (But if anybody has any suggestions, leave them in the comments!)


Back back to Cali. I’ll spend some time in the LA area, then I’ll head to San Diego to visit my grandpa, my friend Emily, and my bff from Korea, E’vone. I haven’t seen her in over a year, so that’ll be just lovely.



A brief visit home to see my parents. Yes, mom, I know it’s only four days — but I spent TWO months at home this fall. You still love me, right?

Ketchikan, Alaska

In early May, it’s back up to AK! I’ll be spending my third summer up there working as an office manager of a sea kayaking company. I’m so looking forward to being by the ocean and mountains again, though I’m definitely not excited about the speed at which my tan is going to fade. I’ll be pale as a halibut before we know it.

Blank Islands. Sea kayaking in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Yup, definitely looking forward to this again.


I’ll be in Alaska until mid-September, when I’m headed to St. Louis for my friend Beth’s wedding. (Oh jesus. My friends are starting to get married.)

In October, I’m thinking about going to TBEX (a travel bloggers conference) in Dublin (anybody else going?), but other than that, post-summer plans are wide open.

Have any tips for Honduras or El Salvador? Or want to meet up anywhere? Let’s play!