As I told you a few weeks ago, I’ve finally made the switch to an iPhone. Though it took me a long time to decide which plan to get, I’ve been really happy with my experience with T-Mobile.

When I upgraded, I started using my phone for a lot more of my photography needs. I love my Nikon D5200, but sometimes it’s too bulky to be convenient.

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of new apps and tools — and I’ve found some BIG winners. I’m excited to share them with you!

My Favorite Phone Photography Tools

1. Lenshare

If you’re looking for a fun new way to share your images, then check out Lenshare.

In their words, “Lenshare allows travelers to capture moments in a unique way; integrating photos, sound and text all into one beautiful layout. The result embodies the essence of a moment, rather than just a snapshot in time.

It’s kind of hard to explain, but just think of it as a pretty way to let your friends and family feel like they’re with you on your travels. And that’s my favorite feature of this app: it’s private. Though I love sharing my travels on social media, there are still things I only want to share with certain family and friends. Lenshare makes that easy.

Here’s an example of what one of my Lenshare collections looks like. As you can see, some of the images have sounds attached (who doesn’t want to hear the roar of the ocean?) and also allows comments and likes:

2. Snapseed

This is probably the best all-around photo editing app on the market. And it’s FREE.

It’s surprisingly powerful for a mobile app; you can adjust everything from brightness to contrast. Not to mention you can use tilt-shift to make your images look tiny, HDR Scape to get HDR effects from a single image, and Automatic to make your images look better with one click. It takes a little getting used to — but once you get the hang of it, you’ll become obsessed.

If your phone isn’t compatible with Snapseed (my last one wasn’t), then Aviary is another great editing tool.

Here’s a before and after example:

3. Pro HDR

I can’t say enough good things about this app. HDR stands for High Dynamic Resolution imaging. If you don’t know what that means, this Lifehacker article does a good job of explaining it:

“HDR, as its name implies, is a method that aims to add more ‘dynamic range’ to photographs, where dynamic range is the ratio of light to dark in a photograph. Instead of just taking one photo, HDR uses three photos, taken at different exposures… The result is something that should look more like what your eyes see, rather than what your camera sees.”

Yes, your phone might have HDR capabilities, but this app works much better. I use it mostly in landscapes and other backlit situations. It makes such a difference in exposing both the foreground and background correctly. This is the only paid app on the list — but at $1.99, it’s so worth it.

See what I mean:


This isn’t technically a photography app, but it’s a tool that’ll make sharing and storing your photography much easier (as well as a lot of other stuff!). IFTTT stands for “If This Then That,” and it allows you to create recipes for all different types of internet actions.

Here are examples of my recipes (things that happen automatically, thanks to IFTTT):

  • If I share a photo on Instagram, post it on my Facebook page
  • If I share a photo on Instagram, tweet it out as a native image
  • If I take a photo, save it to my Flickr account

The sky’s the limit with IFTTT recipes. You can use it for photography, but you can also use it to do things like text you 15 minutes before every Google calendar event. Here’s a list of 101 recipe ideas.

For example, this Instagram photo was shared on my Facebook page — without me having to do do any extra work:

5. Canva

I use this free graphic design program to create so much: quote images, Twitter and Facebook headers, Instagram photos, blog graphics, and more. It’s incredibly easy to use, and even if you’re not artistically-inclined (um, me), you can still make things look beautiful.

Here’s an image I whipped up in about 15 minutes:

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Or you can use a mobile wifi router. You might have heard of these before; essentially, they’re a pocket-size router that connects to local 3G networks to give you wifi anywhere you’re traveling.

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