Here it is… this year’s best female travel blogs!

Are you ready for some new kick-ass female travelers to follow? Because none of these blogs were featured on last year’s list; this collection of inspiring ladies is ALL NEW!

That being said, many of my all-time favorite female travel blogs are on last year’s list — so if you’re new here, be sure to check it out.

Some notes about the list:

  • There are a lot of awesome travel blogs out there; I focused on solo females leading lives of adventure, because I figured that’s who you’d identify with best.
  • Many of these blogs were reader submissions — so thank you. (While researching this post, I got to discover tons of new blogs!)
  • I chose blogs that have personal stories of growth and inspiration (and not just “5 things to do in”), because that’s what I enjoy reading.
  • They’re organized alphabetically under seven categories: adventure, business, funny, living abroad, photography, storytelling, tips & tricks. Not to pigeonhole any of the blogs — most of them could surely fall under many — but hopefully they’ll help you narrow down which ones you want to follow.
  • If you’re looking for a way to follow multiple blogs, I recommend Feedly, which is a free RSS feed manager.

Have fun! I’m sure each and every one of these amazing female travel bloggers will entertain, educate, and inspire you!

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35 Best Female Travel Blogs for 2015



Adina Marguerite

I met Adina Marguerite at World Domination Summit last summer, and we immediately bonded over our love of travel and blogging. (She also SEWED the dress she was wearing, which blew my mind. It makes sense, then, that she’s starting a sustainable clothing company: RambleGood!)

Post you’ll love: Travel, You’re NOT Doing It Wrong

Bitten by the Travel Bug 

Nicole Smith is just the cutest. I want her to be my friend. My very well-traveled friend. You’ll enjoy reading about her global adventures — and pretending you’re right there with her.

Post you’ll love: Spotting Leopards at Mala Mala Game Park, South Africa

Bohemian Trails

Megan Eileen McDonough has a unique take on travel and destinations. I especially like her “boho” destination guides, where she talks about neighborhoods in a city that would appeal to free-spirited travelers.

Post you’ll love: Brooklyn’s Most Impressive Street Art

Borders of Adventure

“Adventures with a social conscience” are what Becki Enright promotes on her blog, so natch, I am a fan. I truly appreciate her reflections on the effects of tourism on our world.

Post you’ll love: Travel to Sri Lanka: From Tourism Boycott to New Beginnings

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Just like the name of her blog, Alexandra Kovacova is crazy, sexy, and fun! Originally from Slovakia, she definitely has a loyal stable of fans: she received the most reader nominations after I missed her in last year’s list.

Post you’ll love: Why Travel is Better Than Sex

Getting Close To

I should’ve made a video category just for my friend Dalia, but she fits pretty well under adventure, too. We met at TBEX Dublin last year, and trust me: she’s just as cute in person as she is in her videos!

Post you’ll love: Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Travel Video

Just Travelous 

Yvonne Zagermann has an infectious smile, and her positivity shines through in her writing. To me, being “travelous” means having fun, being adventurous, and seeing as much of the world as possible — which she does with panache.

Post you’ll love: The Thing With the Comfort Zone

The Wellist

As a wellness geek, I love that Krista’s blog focuses on travel as an avenue to better mental and physical health. To stay well on the road, she participates in a plethora of adventure activities, from scuba diving to climbing to hiking.

Post you’ll love: Paradise Found in the Gili Islands


Angie Away

Because she used to be a travel publicist in New York, I especially appreciate Angie Orth’s blog for her business posts. The fact that she seems really nice and genuine doesn’t hurt either!

Post you’ll love: Why I Won’t Work for Free (And You Shouldn’t Either!)

Free Range Humans

The name of Marianne Cantwell’s blog (and book) is just brilliant; who doesn’t want to be a free range human? On her blog, she offers fantastic tips for creating a career you can take on the road.

Post you’ll love: The 9 Dirty Truths Experts Won’t Tell You About Starting Your Own Business

Jessica Lawlor

Okay, so my friend Jess’ site isn’t a travel blog — but it’s perfect for this list, because she’s all about getting out of your comfort zone. Which is exactly what travel is. If you need some help reaching your goals and finding happiness, sign up for her 30 Days of Gutsy email course (registration closes 2/28!).

Post you’ll love: Stop Trying to Find Yourself & Do This Instead

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

My friend Natalie Sisson isn’t exactly a travel blogger either — but if you want to build a business that allows you to travel the world, you need her in your life. Her podcast is amazing, as is her book!

Post you’ll love: How To Build A Remarkable Business Empire In A Conformist World With Chris Guillebeau

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Girl vs Globe

One of the youngest bloggers on the list, 21-year-old Sabina Trojanov is a fresh, funny, and much-needed voice in the travel blogging world — I’m a big fan!

Post you’ll love: 99 Things to Do Instead of Growing Up

Kaleena’s Kaleidoscope

If you haven’t lived in Korea before, you may not find Kaleena Quarle’s posts as hilarious I do — but give them a look nonetheless. She’s heading off on a RTW trip this year, and I can’t wait to read her observations about new countries.

Post you’ll love: 5 Things That Are STILL Strange About Korea

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren Juliff’s blog always makes me laugh. Her writing has the perfect amount of honesty and self-deprecation, and you’ll definitely relate to her and her mishaps.

Post you’ll love: Attacked By Monkeys in Monkey Forest


Hippie in Heels

Rachel Jones is one-part hippie and one-part girly girl — but 100% a traveler. She’s lived and worked in India for two years, and I like reading about how she’s carved out a life in this fascinating country.

Post you’ll love: How Do I Afford Travel? Learn Thai Massage in India

My Several Worlds

I often get emails asking about my experience teaching English in Korea, so I knew I had to include Carrie Kellenberger’s blog on this list. She offers helpful tips about teaching English in China and Cambodia.

Post you’ll love: Teach English in China Guide

Paper Planes Blog

Having lived there for three years, it’s safe to say Alana Morgan is a Thailand expert. She also knows a thing or two about expat life, and I enjoy reading about her life and travels in SE Asia.

Post you’ll love: How Much Does It Cost to Live in Thailand?

Travelling Ides of March

My friend Amrita Dass lives and works in her home country of India. I featured her as a seasonal worker of the month last year and am excited to include her here, too. She calls her blog the “travel journal of a lover,” which I think is a perfect description for her heartfelt writing.

Post you’ll love: Goa, As I Will Remember It 


Camels & Chocolate

I don’t know how I forgot Kristin Luna’s blog last year, because it has long been one of my favorites. Though I think she’s a great writer, I really appreciate her shared love of jumpy pix.

Post you’ll love: Jumping Photos Around the World

Inside the Travel Lab

A doctor-turned-writer-photographer, my favorite thing about Abi King’s blog is the photography. One of her focuses is luxury travel (read: not me!) — but that doesn’t mean I can’t get inspired by her beautiful pictures!

Post you’ll love: Inspire Me

Sateless Suitcase

Travel through the eyes of a “geeky art historian” with Julika Sarah. This unique perspective makes for lovely writing and gorgeous photographs. One of my new favorites.

Post you’ll love: Around the World in Coffees: The 2014 Edition

The Travel Chica

Though it pains me to include a Buckeye on the list, I’ll make an exception for Stephanie. Maybe because she focuses on living simply and traveling more, which is my philosophy to a T. She’s also a talented photographer.

Post you’ll love: Golden Gate Bridge at Night 


A Beautiful View

Morgan Sullivan’s lifestyle posts are pretty rad. They just might inspire you to reflect upon your life and travels in ways that you haven’t before.

Post you’ll love: Dear Sean

Breathe Dream Go

Mariellen Ward is not only the face behind the #WeGoSolo hashtag, she’s also the go-to expert on solo female travel in India. No matter where she is, she writes beautifully about travel and personal transformation.

Post you’ll love: How I Quit My Job to Travel

C’est Christine

This is another blog that readers couldn’t believe I missed on last year’s list. Now that I’ve read it, I can see why! Though she spent many years wandering the world, the stylish Christine Amorose is now based in NYC and writes about life, love, yoga, and of course, travel.

Post you’ll love: You Don’t Have to Go Across the World to Find Yourself

Leah Travels

Leah Walker is an extremely accomplished travel writer, so I enjoy learning from her and everything she’s done. I bet you will, too.

Post you’ll love: 40 Lessons Learned in 40 Years of Traveling

The Midnight Blue Elephant

As you may know, I am obsessed with elephants. So the fact that Annika Ziehen named her blog after them makes her dear to my heart. But her writing about the intricacies of travel is why I stayed. (Which is good, because her favorite animals are actually giraffes!)

Post you’ll love: Marrakech Through Rose Colored Glasses: A Sort of Love Story

This American Girl

Hands down, Camille Willemain’s blog is one of my favorite new discoveries. She writes in an incredibly unique and poetic way — and her photos are lovely, too.

Post you’ll love: The Way This Story Begins

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I am Aileen

I’m a sucker for looks (in terms of both boys and blogs), and Aileen Adalid’s blog is just… really pretty. Well, not just that: it’s also full of fun travel stories and life tips.

Post you’ll love: The 5 Steps I Took to Start a Life of Travel

Food & Photos RTW

Don’t let the name of Stef’s blog fool you; it’s about much more than food and photography. In fact, my favorite posts are where she breaks down common travel questions and information.

Post you’ll love: Work Around the World Part 1: Work Exchanges

LL World Tour

Lisa Lubin has been blogging for almost nine years! So clearly, we can all learn something from her. She shares lots of great stories and tips on her popular blog.

Post you’ll love: How to Live Simpler, Cheaper, and Happier

Pommie Travels

Don’t know how I missed Victoria Brewood’s blog last year, but what can I say? We all make mistakes. She offers hip, practical advice on her blog — and also has an awesome YouTube channel. (Gotta love her accent!)

Post you’ll love: 20+ Ways to Learn a Language

The Traveloguer

Christine Maguire has lived in several countries and is currently traveling through Asia. Her blog is a nice mix of funny stories, personal essays, and helpful tips & tricks.

Post you’ll love: Delhi Belly, Traveler’s Diarrhea — What to Do

World of Wanderlust

It was tough to decide which category to put Brooke Saward’s beautiful blog in — because she does it all! (Seriously, I don’t know how she does it; she even has an app.) Since she has lots of posts with handy travel hacks, I’ll let her live here.

Post you’ll love: The Ultimate “How to Pack Your Bags Better” Post

There you have it: the best female travel blogs of 2015! Which one is your favorite? Who did I miss?  

PS. If you didn’t notice, I’ve changed my domain name to and my Twitter/Instagram handles to @Susan_Shain. I’ll explain the changes in a later post — but just wanted to give you a heads up for now!