What I Learned Writing My New Ebook

The Ultimate Guide to Seasonal Jobs

Six years ago, I launched this blog. Two years after that, I started working on an ebook to accompany it. Fast forward to today, and IT’S FINALLY HERE. If you just want to read our killer pay-what-you-want ebook, be my guest. But if you’re wondering what it took to get here (other than the obvious coffees, […]


Same Country, Different Planet


On New Year’s Eve, I moved to another planet. One where people are bizarrely nice. Where stores are closed on Sundays. Where the accents make me blush. Where directions include “just look for the giant Jesus statue.” Where, in the grocery store, they walk you to whatever you’re looking for — instead of flinging a […]


Tomorrow’s Reason

Two years gone… and I’m not sure what to say. That I still think of you every day; that I finally feel OK? Because both are true. When you died, everyone told me different things: time would heal, time wouldn’t heal, it would get easier, it would never go away. They’re all true, too. Grief […]


The Story (and the Costs) Behind My New Website

Last fall, I noticed a recurring trend. In my writers’ groups on Facebook, people were always asking questions like… I pitched this story to Tractors Are Sexy Monthly, but they turned it down. Any ideas where else I should pitch it? I have a story about how running became my only source of sanity after […]


The Unusual Way I’m Practicing Lent This Year

sunset Ketchikan Alaska

I know, I know; I’m an atheist Jew. Lent most definitely does not apply to me. Call it cultural appropriation or FOMO, but I’ve been participating in “Lent” since elementary school, when my best friends (who were mostly Catholic) would give up chocolate or soda or TV for 46 days. Along with one of my […]


The Truth Is I’m Scared to Blog

Railroad tracks in San Clemente State Beach

One of my goals this year? To write one blog post a week. It’d been so long (two years?!) since I’d been on a regular blogging schedule, and I missed it. I wanted to get back in the swing of blogger things. So on January 4th, eager to stick to my guns, I pressed publish […]


I May Have Been a Zapotec in a Past Life

visiting hierve el agua

The only thing better than an infinity pool might, perhaps, be a natural infinity pool. Who knew they existed? And in Mexico? I sure didn’t until this past weekend, when I visited Hierve El Agua. Although it’s famous for its petrified waterfall, I found the natural pools to far more enticing. (I’ve never been much […]


So I Moved… To Mexico!

oaxaca market

Tacos on every corner. Music in the streets. Colors everywhere: the houses, the mountains, the markets. Yes, I’ve moved. To a new place, a new place I’m quickly falling in love with: Oaxaca, Mexico. Why I’m Back on the Road Two deeply-connected reasons: I missed traveling, and I wanted to work for myself again. Remember […]