PHOTO: Bluebird Day In Breckenridge

This past weekend, we had our first snow of the season here on Jeju Island. Snow always makes me miss Breckenridge, Colorado, where I lived and ski-bummed on and off for three years. There’s nothing like looking at this on your “commute” to work. Snowy days in Korea (or most other places – I know, […]


How To Kiss In Mongolia

We’d been driving around in our converted Soviet van for a few hours now. I’m tired, hot, and a bit cranky when we pull over at a ger (traditional Mongolian dwelling) in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even have the chance to pull off my super-sexy motion sickness bands before I spot it. A […]


Welcome to Travel Junkette!

Machu Picchu

This blog, at its heart, is an adventure travel blog (uhh, didya see the name?). For travel junkies, junkettes, and wannabes. BUT, it is also my blog. It will have a lot of me in it. (And who am I? Well, if, shockingly, you’re someone other than my mom, then check out the “About” section […]