Travel Link Roundup – 8/21/14

Yo! I’ve been curating a bunch of wonderful articles for you over the past few weeks. Get stoked: ———– Who else is dying to do this?! Indiana Jo dishes on swimming with whale sharks in Mexico. ———– “Leap. Leap far.” 10 things D Travels Round learned about life from traveling solo. ———– ———– This is your […]


The Simple Thing I’d Like for My Birthday

A birthday cake my bff Stew made me last year. Seriously, I am lucky!

Travel can be many things: delightful, educational, exhausting, eye-opening, exciting, and sometimes downright miserable. But even on the most disastrous of trips, something positive comes out of it. And that something is gratitude. I’m turning 28 on Sunday — and I’ve never been more filled with gratitude in my entire life. A lot of that is […]


Travel Link Roundup – 7/25/14

Greetings from rainy Ketchikan! I’m back up in Alaska after a whirlwind month at home (including the World Domination Summit). I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Take a break from work with these must-read travel goodies: ———– “Here is a surprise corndog I bought you because you are my friend.” ———– Who else loves […]


27 Inspirational Projects & Quotes from WDS 2014

Michael Hyatt of

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter (you are, right?!), you’ll know I recently attended the World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland, Oregon. This amazing conference is spearheaded by Chris Guillebeau, who traveled to every single country in the world (before the age of 35!) and wrote The Art of Non-Conformity (one of my favorite books ever). WDS is based on three […]