PHOTO: Trees of Hamilton

I’m home in Hamilton, New York for the next few weeks, and I couldn’t be happier. Maybe these trees give you an idea of how beautiful and relaxing it is here. If you’re in America, hope your holiday week is wonderful! Click the pic to see it BIG. This photo is part of my Meatless Monday […]


Travel Link Roundup – 6/27/14

Happy summer! I’m home in beautiful Central New York for a few weeks. In addition to seeing family and friends, I’m here for a wedding and my TEN-year high school reunion. Can you believe it? Wish me luck! Without further ado, your travel links: ———– Ethiopia: a land of many surprises. ———– Bookmarking this: 53 freelancing mistakes that […]


Meet the Adorable Snow Monkeys of Japan

Baby snow monkey Japan

We crunched up the snowy path. It was freezing outside; we could see our breath and barely feel our toes. But we knew something magical awaited us at the top, so we kept going. Then, we saw one. It darted across our path to go prostrate itself on a heating pipe. It was small, greyish […]


Travel Link Roundup – 6/13/14

Oooh, Friday the 13th! Hope you’re enjoying your June so far. I’m loving the fact that days are still getting longer for the next week! Your travelicious reads: ———– Switzerland was where I first fell in love with mountains; if you feel the same way, you’ll enjoy these photos and facts about the six giants of […]


The Secret to Skipping Lines at the Airport

Global Entry + TSA Precheck card

Waiting in lines is a part of travel. It sucks, but there’s nothing you can do about it — most of the time. If you’re an American citizen or resident who’s sick of waiting in line at domestic airports, I’ve got the perfect solution for you. Global Entry. Thanks to its participation with TSA Precheck, […]


Travel Link Roundup – 5/30/14

Happy weekend! Here are your links: ———– Which New Zealand island is better? (This post from A Dangerous Business was super helpful in planning my upcoming trip!) ———– Sugar is evil — and it’s shocking how much “healthy” food it’s lurking in. Here’s a list of yogurts that have more sugar than a Twinkie. ———– Nomadic […]