Travel Link Roundup – 4/4/2014

Aloha! As you read this, I’m en route to Hawaii. I’ve never been before, and I am SO excited. I won’t be posting here next week, but I will be sharing lots of photos on social media. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Please join in on the convo using the hashtag #MauiJunkette! Here’s […]


PHOTO: Coca Tea in Peru

Yup, that coca. Its leaves are served all over Peru — in candies, teas, etc. It’s used recreationally by the locals and as a cure for altitude sickness for tourists. Don’t get too excited; it doesn’t get you high, but is still fun to say you’ve tried! Click the pic to see it BIG. This photo is part […]


Introducing My Fave New Hotel Booking App

Group tour at HT HQ

Since publishing this post a few years ago, several readers have complained about HotelTonight’s customer service and prices. In light of that, I now recommend using or Airbnb instead (sign up with my Airbnb link, and you’ll receive a free $35 credit!). Those are the two apps I use the most these days; Booking has fantastic […]


Travel Link Roundup – 3/14/14

Greetings from sunny Ventura, CA! I really don’t understand how I ever lived in the cold before, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Shorts and flip flops (and no ice scrapers) in March just can’t be beat. Here are my favorite posts for you to relax with this weekend: ———– Love this illustrated […]