Is Egypt Safe For Women Travelers?

When I told people I was traveling to Egypt, their first reaction was often surprise. When they found out I was traveling alone, their reaction turned to worry. A 5’1” girl traveling alone? In Egypt? I don’t often travel alone, and as my dad put it, Egypt was not a good place to break them […]


What I Will (And Won’t) Miss About South Korea

I’ve just left South Korea after over a year there, which is the longest time I’ve ever spent abroad. It was an experience full of adjectives – exhilarating, confusing, educational, frustrating, amazing – and never boring. I’ve been thinking a lot about the bittersweetness of my departure, and of all the things I will and […]


Why I’m Stoked For 2012

Happy New Year! 2011 was fabulous. I moved to a country on the other side of the world that I knew absolutely nothing about. I ran a half-marathon. I started writing for the newspaper. I traveled to Mongolia. I fell in love with approximately 700 small Korean children. I decided for once and all that […]


In 2012, I Will…

A blue zen garden with rock in Vancouver

Focus less on the details. Be present. I am awful at remembering resolutions, so I usually only give myself one. But, these are closely related, so I’m letting it slide. On the one hand, being detail-oriented is extremely helpful. On the other hand, it makes me slightly OCD. I need to remember that, in the […]