Day Trippin’ from Granada

Hanging out at Laguna de Apoyo, Monkey Hut

I’ve been living in Granada, Nicaragua for just about three months now. Though I absolutely adore the city, I also appreciate that it’s easy to take day trips for a minimal amount of money and time. Here are three day trips from Granada that I’ve enjoyed: Masaya Market Masaya is famed for its many artesanías, […]


Photo Essay: Funky Philadelphia

girl at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

When you think of Philadelphia, PA, you probably think of old stuff. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, the Declaration of Independence, and all that. You may not think of distinct (and walkable!) neighborhoods full of modern boutiques, outdoor art spaces, and ethnic markets. But you should. During my month-long road trip earlier this fall, one of […]


Finding Hippie Heaven on Egypt’s Coast

When traveling, there are some places with which you feel an immediate connection. As soon as you arrive (well, as soon as you check into your hostel, take off your huge backpack, and stop sweating), you feel at peace. It just fits. To be honest, I didn’t expect to find that in the Middle East; […]


A Wimdusical Stay in Boston

Moroccan mirrors

I haven’t been to Boston since my senior trip in high school, in which we rode six hours on a bus, wandered around a market (during which several of my classmates pocketed more merchandise than they purchased), took a boozeless booze cruise, and then rode six hours back home. Jeez, when written out, that sounds […]

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10 Shows To See In London This December

Christmas is coming! YES. It is absolutely my favorite season of the year, and though I sadly won’t be anywhere cold or snowy for it, I’m still going to try and get in the spirit. Cities are great at Christmastime, with all their sparkly lights and magnificent window displays. London is a great city to […]


Don’t Want to Gamble in Las Vegas?

If you’re in you’re twenties, you should probs come to terms with the fact that you’re eventually going to have to attend a bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday party in Las Vegas. But, what if you’re not into gambling? When most people think of Vegas, their thoughts turn to blackjack, poker games, and hitting a huge […]