My Perfect 24 Hours On A Spanish Island

It is almost September in Alaska, which means one thing: rain, rain, and — guess what?! — more rain. This is when I start to dream of beaches, non-Alaskan men, and SUN. Which brings me to this post. Beth & Randy at the amazing travel photography blog Beers & Beans are running a contest. If […]


A Lovely Day in Kamakura

I have the tendency to get templed out realllyy quickly (like, before I even finish looking at the first one), so I wasn’t sure how an entire day in temple-tastic Kamakura, Japan would go. But, going to see the snow monkeys was too damn far away and expensive (excuse me while I go sob for […]

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That Time I Fed Pork To A Bedouin

I peel back the heavy woven door to my tent and stumble outside, into the still night of the Wadi Rum desert. Wait, night? It is SO bright outside. My watch has to be wrong; it can’t be 2:30 am. But, if it’s day, then where is the sun? I can see my shadow, so […]


Glasgow: The City of Commerce and Art

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stop watching the Summer Olympics. Though visiting London is fun, there are many other fabulous cities to visit in the United Kingdom.  Of Scotland’s two major cities, Edinburgh tends to be the one that many first-time visitors will gravitate towards, being that it’s the capital and host […]


Hot Dogs Roasting On An Open Volcano

UPDATE: In April 2017, I hiked this volcano a second time — and the experience has changed dramatically. Since the 2014 eruptions, you’re no longer able to climb to the top of the volcano. There’s only one small opening where you can cook marshmallows, and you’re unable to see ANY lava flow. If you’d simply like […]


Israel: The Vegetarian Holy Land

Israel is a well-known country. For its size, it takes up a lot of news space. Whatever your political opnions may be, most agree that the people are beautiful, that there are a freaky number of Israeli Nobel Prize laureates, and blah blah.. what nobody talks about is the FOOD. Being that food is one […]


The Best Time To Visit Petra Is…

My watch started beeping at 5 am. FIVE. If it’s not for work, nobody wakes up at five, unless they are boring, old, or both. Or… if they really want to visit Petra but have to get to Wadi Rum by the afternoon. I like to think of myself as neither boring nor old, so […]


Is Egypt Safe For Women Travelers?

When I told people I was traveling to Egypt, their first reaction was often surprise. When they found out I was traveling alone, their reaction turned to worry. A 5’1” girl traveling alone? In Egypt? I don’t often travel alone, and as my dad put it, Egypt was not a good place to break them […]