PHOTO ESSAY: The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is pretty much the zoo of all zoos. (You pay for it, too, at a whopping $42/person!) Being an animal lover, I was really looking forward to my visit. The zoo is huge, well arranged, and has some really nice habitats for the animals. Yet, I remain conflicted. For the deets […]


Are Zoos Good or Evil?

If you haven’t noticed it by now, I’m kind of an animal freak. I am that annoying person that points out every dog ever and brings home wounded, flea-infested magpies named Gordon only to cry when they die two days later. (Yup, that happened. Last year.) Like many little girls, my childhood days were spent […]


Visiting London In Style – On A Budget!

London is considered one of the world’s most exciting and fashionable cities. I have never really fallen in love with it, but that’s probably because I wish I were prancing about in Duchess of Cambridge outfits and jumping into black cabs at my whimsy. With its skyrocketing costs and my groundrocketing (is that a word? […]


Five Must-Try Foods in Thailand

Say the word Thailand, and many think of beaches, jungles, and smiling locals. I think of elephants. The one thing everybody thinks of is FOOD. Thailand’s reputation as an eating mecca is wellllll deserved. (I was def very happy that I brought stretchy-waist pants along.) Though there are an infinite amount of dishes and flavors […]


Seven Things That Surprised Me About Tokyo

Traffic at Shibuya Crossing

I was going to try to make this a list of five things, as that is a nice number, and it would match my Five Things That Didn’t Surprise Me About Tokyo. But, I failed. Too many things surprised me about Tokyo. And I thought I knew about Japan. I am half-Japanese, after all. Here […]


Five Things That Didn’t Surprise Me About Tokyo

1. The women are gorgeous and incredibly stylish. I mean, gorgeous. I walked into one department store and thought to myself, “There are more beautiful women on this floor than in the entire state of Ohio.” This picture does not do them justice, but I didn’t want to be a creeper and start taking photos […]


‘Tis The Season To Be Grateful: Photos from East Africa

Happy Tanzanian children running and playing

I. Love. Christmas. Any holiday, really. A few days ago, somebody asked me why I liked Christmas so much, and I said, “I love Santa, reindeer, candy, Christmas trees, cookies, snow, lights, stockings, ornaments, Christmas movies, Christmas music, and elves.” I’m not sure at what point they walked away, but by the time I got […]

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How To Kiss In Mongolia

We’d been driving around in our converted Soviet van for a few hours now. I’m tired, hot, and a bit cranky when we pull over at a ger (traditional Mongolian dwelling) in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even have the chance to pull off my super-sexy motion sickness bands before I spot it. A […]