Getting My Mind Blown in Las Vegas

I still remember the first time I heard of Cirque du Soleil. I was probably 12 years old, and I was sitting in the kitchen with my mom. I was doing homework while she cooked and watched TV. Usually, she was watching something boring, like the news or a gardening show. But this was different. […]


How to Spend a Week in Paradise

The short answer is: beach, food, booze, repeat. But if you’re like me, and want to mix a few activities in there, here’s how I spent my week in Lahaina (on the Hawaiian island of Maui). Learn from what I did right (and wrong) by reading reviews of the activities, restaurants, bars, and accommodations I […]


Why I Hate Skiing in Japan

I’m flying — no, floating — through clouds of powder. White sprays surround me. All I can see are trees, sagging heavy from weeks worth of fresh snow. And it’s quiet, so quiet. No sounds other than my own delighted giggles as I turn my skis in snow up to my knees. I wonder to […]


A Royal Stay at Dromoland Castle

Dromoland Castle

Think back to your childhood. At some point, you undoubtedly pretended to be a princess, knight, king, queen, jester, or (in my case), royal hound. So many of our childhood stories revolve around the world of castles and dragons – and it’s fun to imagine ourselves right in the thick of it. Then… we grow […]


The One Thing You HAVE to Do in Lisbon

Update: Travel Junkette readers can now receive a discount on an Inside Lisbon tour! Scroll to the bottom for details.  As a city, Lisbon was everything I’d imagined it’d be: warm, romantic, and unique. But the food? An utter disappointment — that is, until I took a food tour. Portugal, after all, is famous for […]