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27 Inspirational Projects & Quotes from WDS 2014

Michael Hyatt of

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter (you are, right?!), you’ll know I recently attended the World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland, Oregon. This amazing conference is spearheaded by Chris Guillebeau, who traveled to every single country in the world (before the age of 35!) and wrote The Art of Non-Conformity (one of my favorite books ever). WDS is based on three […]


Going Backwards to Go Forwards

Emily in Torrey Pines State Reserve in California.

Exactly one year and one week ago, I published a post that thrilled me to write: “Why I’m SO Excited… And Pretty F-ing Terrified.” Why was I excited and terrified? Because, for the first time in 12 years, I didn’t have another job lined up after leaving Alaska. It had been just about a month […]


Your 7-Step Travel Action Plan

Jewelry seller in Istanbul, Turkey

2013 is going to rock. That’s because it’s YOUR year to travel. Yesterday, I talked travel motivation and making travel your priority. And how you should take one step TODAY to make your dream trip happen. But what if you don’t know what that one step should be? Welllll, without further ado, here’s your 7-step […]


Make 2013 YOUR Travel Year

Road, mountains, trees in British Columbia

2013 is here. Woot! I was going to write a lame post discussing how awesome 2012 was or what my goals are for the next year — in fact, I had it all drafted up and ready to go. Then I realized that 2013 isn’t my year. It’s YOURS. I’ve been home for the past […]