Travel Tips

Your 7-Step Travel Action Plan

Jewelry seller in Istanbul, Turkey

2013 is going to rock. That’s because it’s YOUR year to travel. Yesterday, I talked travel motivation and making travel your priority. And how you should take one step TODAY to make your dream trip happen. But what if you don’t know what that one step should be? Welllll, without further ado, here’s your 7-step […]


The Most Important Benefit Of Learning Another Language

Learning new languages is fun. In my 26 years on earth, I’ve tried to learn French, Spanish, German, Latin, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. (Note: “Tried” is the key word here. These are in order from success –> misery.) And, despite my many struggles and failures, there’s nothing like actually communicating or understanding an idea in […]


Five Reasons To Never Fly Aerosvit Airlines

I recently flew JFK to Israel and back on Aerosvit Airlines. Aerosvit, what’s that? That band with the singer with the really big lips? Alas, no. A budget Ukranian airline. (Yeah, I didn’t know they had planes in the Ukraine either.) Now, we all know I am cheap, and will often cut corners to save […]


Visiting London In Style – On A Budget!

London is considered one of the world’s most exciting and fashionable cities. I have never really fallen in love with it, but that’s probably because I wish I were prancing about in Duchess of Cambridge outfits and jumping into black cabs at my whimsy. With its skyrocketing costs and my groundrocketing (is that a word? […]