I want to try and do a few weekly features here at Travel Junkette, as it will force my lazy self to write on a somewhat regular basis. Thus, I’d like to introduce Humpworthy Hump Day.  (It has a better ring than Wordless Wednesday, don’t ya think?) Each Wednesday, I will share one thing that I love slash is, in figurative terms, worthy of a hump.

Mongolian camel
Mongolian camels have humps. Two, in fact. They are called bactrian camels, while camels with one hump are dromedaries. (Just think back to elementary school and remember the two loops of a B for bactrian and one loop of a D for dromedary to remember this!)

I was considering this picture, as the new Twilight movie FINALLY came out in Korea and both of those guys are nothing if not humpworthy, but I figured that one of my first posts should maybe have something to do with travel and/or not be homo-erotic.

So, here is my very first humpworthy item. Pure travel porn: the winners of the 2011 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Go, now. A fantastical photorgasm awaits.

It is amazing that all of these photos are taken by amateurs. I mean, most likely amateurs like the Japanese tourists you see drowning in photographic gear at every “must-see” monument around the world, but still. If these pictures don’t make you want to grab a backpack and jump on a plane, then you probs shouldn’t be reading this blog. Or breathing.

Of the winners, my favorites are “Star Gazing at Crater Lake,” “Peekers at Bofina Pub,” and “Dancing with Dolphins.” Though all the winners, and the vast majority of the entries, are incredible. What are your faves?