Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll probably tell you I’m fairly impossible when it comes to making decisions. Simply put, I suck at them.

When it came to deciding where I wanted to stay for my first visit to Maui, it was no different. After all, I was going to HAWAII for a super vacation-y trip, so I wanted someplace nice.

To give you an idea of what was going through my crazy mind…

I wanted to be on the beach, and have access to a pool, but I wanted to be close to the town of Lahaina, where all of the restaurants, bars, and wedding festivities were going to be held.

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

I wanted a kitchen, because cooking some of my meals would really cut down on costs. On the other hand, I kind of wanted the amenities of a hotel. I was really going on “vacation” (as opposed to the backpacking way I normally travel), and I didn’t want to be responsible for cleaning up the sand I knew would soon be all over my floor.

I wanted something nice, and preferably with a view, since this was Hawaii. BUT I didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

I know. Impossible, right?

Luckily, I came across the perfect solution: Lahaina Shores Beach Resort.

The Best of Both Worlds

This hotel had everything I wanted, which is why I’m calling it “the best of both worlds.” (I literally kept saying that during my stay, as dorky as that is.)

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked it — honestly, it sounded too good to be true. I figured I was going to end up at a glorified Knights Inn. (Don’t know what that motel is? That’s probably for the best.) But it turned out to be an awesome choice.

It’s right on the ocean, with a beautiful pool, but is within a five-minute walk of all the action of Lahaina’s Front Street. Though rooms are equipped with kitchens, they also have the amenities of a hotel and are cleaned daily.

Oceanfront rooms have an amazing view, and the mountain-facing rooms aren’t bad either. Though the rooms may seem costly, when compared to the rest of Maui, they’re not. And don’t forget that you’re saving money — on food with the kitchen, and on transportation costs since you can walk pretty much everywhere in Lahaina.

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

Why I Loved Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

The Pros

  • Amazing view
  • Perfect location
  • Kitchen (hello, food cost savings!)
  • Coffee maker with free coffee
  • Friendly staff (Hi Kihei + Glenn!)
  • Free parking and fast wifi (for premiuim rooms)
  • Sofas can convert into beds
  • Lovely pool + hot tub
  • Lots of lounge chairs, with options in the shade

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

Lahaina Shores Beach Resort

The Cons

  • The air conditioning was finicky and difficult to use
  • No on-site restaurant, though there are a few restaurants next door, and downtown is very close
  • No plushy bathrobes to laze around in
  • Yes, I realize I am really reaching. None of those things really bothered me, but I need to say something bad so you know I’m not a robot!

If I return to Lahaina, I’ll definitely be staying with Lahaina Shores again. With its location, amenities, and convenience, it’s one decision that will be easy for me to make!

A big thanks to Lahaina Shores Beach Resort for partnering with me during my stay in Maui. All opinions are totes my own.