Here are the coolest things I’ve found around the web in the past week. (Okay, fine, the past few weeks.)

Filipino boy on boat
"Whaddya think about these links?" - Adorable boy I met in the Philippines

Jack & Jill Travel featured an awesome photo post of Cambodian houses on stilts. Exactly what I pictured when Brangelina said they were adopting a baby from there.

I love animals. Like kind of a creepy amount. Then why haven’t I been to any of these places?? Why??

Food & Wine lists the world’s weirdest restaurants. People are weird.

Why do people think that using the internet gives them free range to forget any and all grammar? Rather, it should be a place where you try harder, because people have nothing else to judge you on. That being said, I really enjoyed this chart about the surprising reason women end relationships.

The most common excuse for not being able to travel is lack of money. Here, Brooke discusses how some how to overcome your anxiety about saving money and live out your travel dreams!

I love all holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. I also love this list of Valentine’s Day gifts that give back.

I normally think time-lapse videos are L-A-M-E (seriously, why are they so popular right now?), but this one showing how Mongolians build their houses (gers) is really cool. And it’s only two minutes long. Brings me right back to ol’ Mongolia.

Would you go back to the same country again? Have you? I really feel like as soon as I’ve spent a few days in a destination, I know immediately whether I want to come back or not. Are you the same way?