Do It While You’re Young, a girl’s work/study/travel abroad site, recently posted a list of “10 Women Who Will Teach You How to Kick Ass at Travel and Life.

All of the women listed are awesome, and def humpworthy, but I want to add a few more to the list.

Sidenote: I totally don’t know if it’s legal to poach photos off their sites to use in this post, but since I am being so laudatory, I’m hoping they won’t sue me? Also, I have no money, so it’d be kind of pointless. (Though I do love my 1996 2-door 5-speed Toyota Camry. Stay away from her!)

Here they are:

Ayngelina of Bacon Is Magic

One day, Aygnelina left her job and boyfriend to travel through South America. What she found there changed her life, and probably many of her readers’ lives, as well.

Her blog is like a box of cereal; the whole thing is great, but once in a while, there will be an incredible post mined in there like a little prize. You liked it before, but now you just want to keep eatingΒ reading forever. Did I mention she’s a total foodie? And her motto is “Living life with a different set of rules,” which I love.

Bethany of Beers & Beans

I’ve said it before, but when I grow up, I want to be able to take pictures just like Bethany.Β She even has an awesome e-book out, calling “Getting Out of Auto,” intended to help people do just that.

It is super helpful and easy to read, complete with stunning photos. Her blog is pure travel porn, so get ready to salivate.

Caz of yTravel Blog

Caz is such a strong female role model for those of us who (though I’ll never admit it) do want to someday have a husband and babies. She runs her insightful and informative travel blog with her hubby, Craig, while raising two adorable little girls.

Most importantly, she shows us that you can do it all – have a family, drink beers, travel lots, and still be talented, smiling, and beautiful through the whole thing!

Geraldine of The Everywhereist

This is one of my favorite blogs in the universe, or even alternate universes. Geraldine could write about anything and make it funny. Case in point: she recently had a brain tumor (no, that’s not funny), and her post about it was entitled, “I have a brain tumor. I’ve named it Steve.” Luckily, it was benign and she had surgery to remove it. Here’s to nothing but health from now on!

If her approach to life, filled with humor and eloquence, wasn’t enough, our shared love of cupcakes and booze make her one of my fave ladies around.

Hannah of Further Bound

Somehow, despite the fact that Hannah still hasn’t begun her travels, I always look forward to her posts. Her story is so cool – after a bad breakup, she paid off $24,000 in debt, found a new man, and is now preparing to travel the world with him in a few months.

That’s what I call taking control of your life and changing it for the better! Her posts are just so honest and well-written that you can’t help but keep coming back.

Kate of Adventurous Kate

This was one of the first travel blogs I started reading. Kate is smart and funny.. and seems like a real person. Not that the others don’t, but I honestly feel like she could be someone I met in college, while traveling, or dancing at (on?) a bar.

That’s what I love about reading her blog. She’s built quite a brand for solo female travel, and I think it’s incredible that she’s inspired lots of girls to take the leap and travel on their own.

Nellie of Wild Junket

Nellie is one successful lady. One of the main names in adventure travel, she’s written for tons of travel publications and recently launched her own WildJunket magazine. She’s been all over the place, speaks four languages, and just generally kicks ass. And I maybe have a girl crush on her… how could you not?!

What other inspiring women would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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