Tacos on every corner.

Music in the streets.

Colors everywhere: the houses, the mountains, the markets.

Yes, I’ve moved. To a new place, a new place I’m quickly falling in love with: Oaxaca, Mexico.

oaxaca market

Why I’m Back on the Road

Two deeply-connected reasons: I missed traveling, and I wanted to work for myself again.

Remember two years ago? I was burnt out. I’d been traveling so much that I’d started to miss the point. I wasn’t noticing the details; I wasn’t appreciating where I was.

So when Alexis Grant invited me to work for The Penny Hoarder full time, I listened to my gut — and surprised everyone by accepting the job.

For a year, I loved it. It was exactly what I needed. But then, the road (and, to be honest, the thrill of entrepreneurship) started calling.

I thought carefully about what I’d do differently this time; about how I’d prevent burn out.

I decided I’d travel more slowly and spend at least a month in every place. I decided I’d focus on writing, and avoid content marketing (which pays well, but which I really don’t enjoy).

And on New Year’s Eve, I set off again.

oaxaca mexico colorful street

Why Oaxaca?

I knew I wanted to be somewhere in Latin America (since my boyfriend wanted to learn Spanish), cheap (since I was starting my freelance biz again), and mountainous (since I’d just spent a year and a half in a swamp).

My friend Shannon of the wonderful travel blog A Little Adrift lived in Oaxaca last winter, and when I began to research it, it looked like just what I wanted.

I loved that it was surrounded by mountains. That it was one of the cultural centers of Mexico. That it was really affordable. And most of all, that it was renowned for its food.

Let me tell you: They weren’t lying. The food here is insane — so insane I’ve barely had any time to take photos, because I’ve been too busy stuffing my face.

enchilada salsa roja oaxaca mexico
You really expect me to take photos when this is staring at me?

I’ll write a full digital nomad report about life in Oaxaca soon, but for now, know I’m working on a bunch of personal writing projects and eating all the tacos in sight.

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What I’m Doing Next

I’ll be in Oaxaca for a few months, then I plan to head further into the mountains to San Cristobal de las Casas.

After that, I’m going to hit up Lake Atitlan in Guatemala; it’s been way too long since I’ve been there.

Any suggestions? Or will you be nearby? Let me know!

Cheers to life on the road.