Sometimes it’s hard to remember what we have. That’s why I love traveling — it makes you thankful.

Take, for instance, the fact that you’re reading this post. When was the last time you stopped and thought about how glorious it was that you could read?

Everything from Life of Pi to Jezebel to street signs are magically translated from scribble into meaning. All because you can read.

How you can do good

In the African country of Mali, more than 2/3 of people don’t enjoy that privilege. Their adult literacy rate hovers around 31%. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world, with 36% of its population living below the poverty rate.

Through a unique blend of community service and literacy programs, buildOn is trying to change that.

buildon kids

By supporting this year’s Passports with Purpose (PwP) fundraiser, you have the opportunity to help them construct three primary schools and fund three Adult Literacy Programs in the Sikasso Region of Mali.

In its six years, PwP (a travel bloggers’ fundraiser) has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for great causes.

The fun part is that with each $10 you donate, you’ll be entered once to win a prize of your choice. Say you donate $100; you can enter 10 times for one prize, or once for 10 different prizes. (There are a TON of amazing prizes up for grabs; check them out here.)

What this has to do with your online biz

As a blogger proudly participating in PwP, I’ve secured an awesome prize that will surely entice you to donate. (Even if my prize isn’t for you, there are many more to choose from.)

If you’re reading this blog, you probably are living a location-independent lifestyle… or dream of doing so. Working from anywhere means traveling all the time, which means, um, awesome.

One of the best ways to do that? Build a successful blog.

Whether you already have a blog or are looking to start one, there’s always room for improvement. (Unless you’re, like, Corbett Barr or something. If you’re reading, Corbett, just donate $10, mmkay?)

Suitcase Entrepreneur collage

So for my prize’s sponsor, I’ve enlisted a blogging master who will help you build your blog and create the lifestyle of your dreams. Her name is Natalie Sisson, and she runs the massively successful Suitcase Entrepreneur empire. She’s one smart cookie whom I recommend you all start following.

And if you get lucky and win my PwP prize, you’ll get some FANTASTIC products from Natalie.

First up, you’ll snag a free entry into her Blogging for Business Success course. This three-part course will help you set up your blog foundations, optimize your writing + marketing, and build an engaged community. It’s full of priceless info that will help you get your blog going and on your way to making money online.

But, she’s also thrown in a copy of her #1 Amazon bestseller The Suitcase Entrepreneur. This book is jam-packed with practical info and tips for creating “freedom in business and adventure in life.” (Read the reviews on Amazon if you don’t believe me!)

How’s that for helping you build your online business?

You could win this awesome location-independence prize package simply by donating $10 to a great cause. 

Please note: though I LOVE my prize, I know it’s not for everyone. That’s okay, because it’s only one of many options. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy, then just head on over to the donation page — you’re bound to find something you absolutely love!

Your turn: change lives with $10

Let’s recap: donate $10, get a chance at winning your choice of kick-ass prizes, and help fund literacy in Mali.

$10 is pretty much nothing. You know you’ve spent six times that in pumpkin lattes… THIS MONTH.

adult literacy
Adult literacy is the bomb.

And for $10 donated to PwP, you’ll not only get warm fuzzies (’tis the season to be grateful, after all), but you’ll also rest easy knowing that you’re making a small donation to effect big change. Oh, and you’ll have a shot at winning PRIZES! (Because we all know, warm fuzzies only go so far.)

Please visit the Passports with Purpose page, and donate $10, $20, or any other denomination of $10 that sounds fun. Hopefully you’ll win an awesome prize, and if not, you’ll still be helping those who are truly in need.


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