What if you didn’t have access to clean water whenever you wanted it? Picture life without faucets, toilets, washing machines, or Nalgenes. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

For millions of people, it isn’t hard to imagine. Because it’s their reality.

That’s why I’m stoked to announce my participation in this year’s Passports with Purpose (PwP) fundraiser. This awesome travel bloggers’ fundraiser is in its fifth year. It’s not only raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, but it’s rewarded those kind enough to donate $10 with some absolutely kick-ass prizes.

Why should I donate?

Back to the clean water thing. This year, water.org is the beneficiary, and the goal is to raise $100,00 to build five community wells in Haiti. Though I’ve never visited Haiti, I’ve read so much about the resilience and spirit of its people. In fact, I recently interviewed my friend Jay about his project — The Haiti 100 Challenge — in which he is biking 100 miles per day to raise money for a school in Haiti.

To put it simply, Haiti’s been pretty screwed over in recent times. The money raised by PwP will build and rehabilitate wells in Boucan Carre and Mirebalais, serving more than 7,400 people with clean water, sanitary toilets, and hygiene education. Though I’m sorry to post asking for donations so close together, I think they’re both incredible causes, and I know you guys can handle it.

That’s because, if you’re reading this blog, then you’re likely a traveler at heart. I really believe travel makes you thankful. Think about all that you have this holiday season, and consider making a small donation to effect big change. After all, ’tis the season to be grateful.

Girls at well in Haiti
Let’s help some Haitians get clean water!

But, even if you think that’s BS and are a total Scrooge, you can still like PwP. Why? Because you can win AWESOME PRIZES, that’s why.

Wait, prizes? Just how does this whole PwP thing work?

Thanks to Passports with Purpose, travel bloggers everywhere have procured prizes and are revealing them tonight on their blogs. For every $10 you donate, you’ll be entered once to win a prize of your choice. I think everyone should want to win my prize, but if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, then just head on over to the donation page — you’re bound to find something you absolutely love!

Did you say prizes?

Ok, recap: for every $10 you donate, you’ll be entered once to win a prize of your choice. Say you spend $100; you can enter ten times for one prize, or once for ten different prizes.

Not only will you change someone else’s life, but you also could change your own. That is, if you win my prize.

Fine, I’ll bite. What’s Travel Junkette’s prize?

Drum roll, please.

For my Passports with Purpose prize, I’m so pleased to announce a FREE ENTRY into Alexis Grant’s “Become a Twitter Power User” course.

That’s right. That’s a value of $179. It starts February 4th, 2013, and it could CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I’ve written about the magic of the “Become a Twitter Power User” course before, so I won’t repeat myself too much. Suffice it to say that I’ve worked with Lexi for a while now and have been a student of her courses, e-guides, and blog. This lady KNOWS HER STUFF.

These days, more and more networking is occurring online. And one of the most powerful tools to advance your career, whether it be blogging or business or anything in between, is Twitter.

This course will teach you to harness the power of Twitter to make your own luck in your career in life. I mean, heck, Alexis even found her bf on Twitter! (Still something I’m working on…)

I can definitely say that Twitter has helped me make connections in freelancing and blogging, and much of it is due to the skills that I learned in this course. And you’ve got a chance to get all that goodness for FREE — just by donating $10 to an amazing cause.

(Go and read my previous post about the Become a Twitter Power User course if you don’t believe me, or head over to Alexis’ website, where you can read happy testimonials of all the other people that love her.)

Alright, I’m in. Now what?

$10 is pretty much nothing. I spend that at Dunkin Donuts when I’m not even hungry. (Donut holes, why?!)

Volcano jumping in Nicaragua
This is how excited I’ll be if you donate to PwP!

Please, take a second, visit the Passports with Purpose page, and donate $10, $100, or any other denomination of $10 that you like. Hopefully you’ll win an awesome prize, and if not, you’ll still be helping those who are truly in need. THANK YOU. MERCI!

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