PHOTO: Masai Kids Loving The Digital Camera

These sweet little kids were part of a Masai tribe in Kenya. They were so much fun, and such hams for the camera. Their favorite part was checking out the digital display afterwards. This photo is part of my Meatless Monday series, in which I feature a new photo each week. Because who likes to […]

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‘Tis The Season To Be Grateful: Photos from East Africa

Happy Tanzanian children running and playing

I. Love. Christmas. Any holiday, really. A few days ago, somebody asked me why I liked Christmas so much, and I said, “I love Santa, reindeer, candy, Christmas trees, cookies, snow, lights, stockings, ornaments, Christmas movies, Christmas music, and elves.” I’m not sure at what point they walked away, but by the time I got […]

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A Jumpy Pic On Every Continent

Jumping over the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

That’s my mission. I learned the great art of jumpy pictures from one of my best friends, Elisabeth, and have since used it to spice up my travel photos (and life in general). I hope you’ll follow and support me on my mission to take a perfect jumpy pic on every continent. So far, I […]