Why I Hate Skiing in Japan

I’m flying — no, floating — through clouds of powder. White sprays surround me. All I can see are trees, sagging heavy from weeks worth of fresh snow. And it’s quiet, so quiet. No sounds other than my own delighted giggles as I turn my skis in snow up to my knees. I wonder to […]


PHOTO: Korean Bucket o’ Fish

I’m not sure why this photo of Korean fish reminded me of Thanksgiving — maybe something to do with bounty and food? I think my grandpa said it best: “I love Thanksgiving, because it doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or Christian or Muslim or what-have-you.. on this day, we can all get together and enjoy […]


PHOTO: Happy Camel in Mongolia

I had an unhealthy obsession with the camels in Mongolia. Doesn’t this guy look like an emu? Click the pic to see it BIG. This photo is part of my Meatless Monday series, in which I feature a new photo each week. Because who likes to read on Mondays? If you’d like your Mondays to always […]