PHOTO: Santa Visits A Korean Orphanage

Santa visiting a Korean orphanage

We visited a local orphanage on Christmas Eve day. Dan wanted to carry on his Dad’s tradition and dress as (a very skinny!) Santa Claus. After making gingerbread houses with the older kids, we got to hang out with the tiny and unbelievably adorable ones. One little boy immediately ran up to Dan, er, Santa […]

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A Jumpy Pic On Every Continent

Jumping over the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

That’s my mission. I learned the great art of jumpy pictures from one of my best friends, Elisabeth, and have since used it to spice up my travel photos (and life in general). I hope you’ll follow and support me on my mission to take a perfect jumpy pic on every continent. So far, I […]


How To Kiss In Mongolia

We’d been driving around in our converted Soviet van for a few hours now. I’m tired, hot, and a bit cranky when we pull over at a ger (traditional Mongolian dwelling) in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even have the chance to pull off my super-sexy motion sickness bands before I spot it. A […]