Sorry I skipped this last week, but I’ve been in the process of moving/traveling. And managing to find clothes from Alaska that will be socially acceptable in San Diego is about as time-consuming as it gets.

Here’s an extra serving of links to make up for it:

  • Instead of saying that I’m going to be slacking off down in Central America this winter, I’m going to start telling people I’m taking a freelancer sabbatical.
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  • This is so cool. Julie couchsurfed with me while she was in Korea, and we dished all about love and boys… and now her piece about love in the time of Korea is featured on 20-Something Travel. Go, Julie!
  • Though I think the whole “traveler v. tourist” thing is overplayed, I do think that Lash’s question at the Art of Backpacking is valid: why do travelers eat in tourist restaurants? Get down, dirty, and local — you won’t be sorry.
  • What everybody wants: the person that is home. From the duo over at Hektic Travels, the realization that home need not be a place.

Welcome to my link roundup, article whores! For more article-y goodness, check out the travel links of the week for 9/21/12.