This blog, at its heart, is an adventure travel blog (uhh, didya see the name?). For travel junkies, junkettes, and wannabes.

BUT, it is also my blog. It will have a lot of me in it. (And who am I? Well, if, shockingly, you’re someone other than my mom, then check out the “About” section to figure that out.)

Here, I am planning on sharing travel tips, stories, photos, and any other inspirational thing-ys I come across during a week.

I’ll write about past travels and future ones (Japan/Philippines in January 2012, holla!). I also want to do a lot of reflection and research to hopefully help more people get out there adventuring.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu. Zip-off pants are in, right?

Most of what I write about will have to do with adventure travel, and an adventure lifestyle. Some of it will be as random as I am. (And, I’m warning you ahead of time, I’m weird. But, in a good way. Not like in a Peewee Herman way.)

I have spent months trying to narrow down this blog’s “niche” and the things I can write about.. and I’m over it. It’s too hard. I’m not perfect, and this blog won’t be either. I just want it to be fun.

I’m just figuring out this whole blogging thing, and I’m going to try to post a few times a week. I hope you guys will grow with me. Please share with your friends, family, coworkers, and… even that guy that you’re hooking up with but don’t really like. Thanks for reading Travel Junkette!

PS. Ooh, and PLEASE like my Facebook page and subscribe to my RSS feed! (Mom and Dad, for the love of sunshine; don’t ask me what that means. Wait until I am home and can arm myself with a powerpoint presentation and a SLEW of vodka cranberries. In the meantime, I made a “subscribe by email” button just for you!)