I don’t know, and I am sad about it. Which is why I am delighted to introduce this mega-humpworthy website to you.

Remember those days of sitting in your room and listening to the radio, ready to sprint over and hit the button with the little red circle as soon as your long-awaited song came on?

How about culling just the right set of songs for a best friend, boyfriend, or birthday party?

What a great high (in middle school, at least) it was to attain mixtape nirvana.

And don’t forget the final step — noting the name of each song in the little lined paper insert in your best handwriting.

Those were the days.

What a beautiful idea, and one that has been lost in modern times. Take back your YouTube links, your Pandoras (not really, Pandora – I still love you), and your podcasts (whatever the hell those are, anyways).

There’s no feeling, no thought, in those.

There is more emotion in a good ol’ cassette with a scribbled Sharpie label than in an entire iTunes library.

Seeing, however, as no one has tape players anymore, the website Everyone’s Mixtape will have to suffice.

I’m not going to lie.

I have as much of an idea about how this site works as I do about why Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise. In other words, none.

All I know is that if you go to it, you will be greeted by an awesome image of a tape rolling (not sure if it features that nifty auto-reverse function or not) and a collection of playlists, with such gems as “Burning,” “Making Out,” and “Sunday Morning.”

Can I say LOVE?

Granted, this is probably the same type of inexplicable nostalgia that old people have for “necking,” milk deliveries, and Erector sets. (For some reason, those three things put together sound disturbingly sexual, but I promise you that was not my intention.)

I’m okay with that. Maybe, because I’m about to be turn 26 and, thus, old. But more likely, because I just heard The Gourds, Skrillex, and Fleetwood Mac on the “Summer BBQ” playlist.

Sure, a boy didn’t make it for me — sigh — but that didn’t keep me from enjoying it. (Though, BTW, I am marrying the next guy who makes me a mixtape.)

In the meantime, someone show me the tofu dogs; I am feeling the mixtape love.

Do you have any clue how to use Everyone’s Mixtape? Do you miss the old kind of mixtapes?

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